Material Characterization

The NDE/NDC systems facilitate advancements are particularly helpful to control and enhance product quality in assembling forms and to assure the largest amount of reliability for materials, parts and items. Optical non-damaging testing utilizes light (regularly laser light) to identify microscopic surface deflections through formation of fringe patterns on the surface of any object. The absolute most connected procedures incorporate optical holography, electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI) (ESPI) and laser shearography. Optical NDT can create qualitative and quantitative results. The optimization of the processing and properties of polymers, ceramics and composites, the development of synthetically structured materials, the characterization of surfaces and interfaces, the growth of perfect electronic and optical crystals and films, and in all cases, the structures, devices and systems made from these materials demand the innovative application of modern non-destructive materials characterization techniques

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